How I Began To Eat Cum Out Of Her Belly Button

Sometimes when I’m super horny, I will urge my wife to sit and watch me jack off real quick.  She’s not always in the mood but she loves to watch me have a quick wank every now and again.  Since my favorite fetish is to eat my cum, we usually incorporate that into the theme of my jerk off session.

eat cum out of her belly button

Susan will lay on the bed right by the edge and I’ll stand beside her jerking my cock.  She lifts her shirt revealing her sexy belly that I love and adore.  Her belly button is so sexy, I love to kiss it and lick her naval.  Usually we begin dirty talk, where I tell her I’m going to cum on her belly button and then lick it off.  She usually responds saying “Oh yes, you are going to eat it all, and once you swallow it all, then you can KISS ME.”

This usually sends me over the edge and I cum all over her.  Sometimes it doesn’t though and I’m required to get even dirtier.  I’ll tell her I want her to suck another guys cock.  That I want him to jerk off onto her belly too.  When he’s all done, I’ll lick his cum too and swallow it as well.  Once I tell her this story, I can’t hold it anymore and I lose all control and cum. When I’m done, Susan’s belly is covered in cum.  Then I Eat Cum Out Of Her Belly Button.