Maybe she is weird, I don’t know but it’s very strange, whenever my wife blows me she really seems to enjoy kissing me after I cum.  Have you ever heard of woman doing this?  I have not really said anything to her about it because after all, she is giving me blow jobs all the time and she loves it.  I really cannot complain.  What makes it even more kinky is the fact most times she does not swallow my cum first.  Most times when she cums up for a kiss her mouth is still full of my cum. It’s no peck on the cheek either, it’s a full on open mouth french kiss.  She kisses and kisses me until she realized I have eventually swallowed all the cum.
Are you a little shocked or grossed out? Yes me too.  I was too when I first realized she wants me to eat cum.
She wants me to eat cum

She wants me to eat cum
Here is a little secret I have yet to tell my wife.  After weeks and months of Judy doing this kinky fetish with me I have begun to really enjoy it.  So much so that I get excited at the thought of her making me eat my cum. When I’m home alone I’ve started to search for sites on the internet that show pictures or videos of cum swapping.  When I’m done on the computer, sometimes I leave the websites open so my wife will find what I’ve been watching.  So we haven’t discussed it yet but I know she knows I love it too.
Check out this link.  This is one of the first sites I found on men eating cum and it gave me hours of entertainment.

Female To Male Cum Swapping
It provides a bunch of free videos and pictures and there are a few really good links to some blogs as well.

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