Eat your own cumDo you eat your own cum? Well I do and it has become a major fetish of mine. It is not a secret that I’ve hid from my wife, I loved it so much I eventually had to tell her. She has joined me in my ” eat your own cum” experiences. I’m not saying that she eats her own, I’m saying she helps me eat mine, or should I say she forces me to eat mine.

Eat Your Own Cum Again and Again!!

We’ve done it in so many ways I’ve lost count. I’ve eaten it off her tits and her ass, her belly, out of her belly button which is one of my favorites. As well as eaten it off her thighs, her chin, her legs and of course her pussy.

Sometimes she enjoys jerking me off on my belly, which we both enjoy because when she’s done she gets the cum on her fingers and makes me lick them. It’s so hot and exciting. The reason I love to eat my own cum is because it’s completely perverted and shocking if anyone found out which makes my heart race and gets me extremely excited. Which is why I love to jerk off to cum eating videos and eat my own cum when I’m done watching them.

Scenes like this make me want to blow my load so bad.  The scene shows the amazing ending to the video. To see similar click on the picture.

Eat Your Own Cum

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  1. Hey no shame in that dude I have been doing it for 30 years . Taste great ( less – filling) loads are fun when you have to suck them out of her pussy lot of enjoyment for both .

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