Eat Your Cum From A CupDo you eat your cum from a cup?  Do you want to but need help?  I’ve eaten my cum in many ways and loved it every time.  It makes my heart race.

One thing my wife has been doing lately is making me eat my cum out of her hand.  Yes it’s messy this way.  Much of the cum ends up on my lips and face. I actually only end up eating a little as most is rubbed all over me.

Eat Your Own Cum

For some reason it feels even dirtier this way than getting my whole cum load in a snowball kiss because in the end I’m wearing my cum like a facial. Usually my wife looks at me in disgust and then laughs.

Eat Your Cum

Of course another very dirty way to do it is being forced to eat your cum from a cup.  She hasn’t agreed to that yet.

As a result I’m forced to search and enjoy buying videos on the internet that have cum eating from a cup.  Enjoy this one below and please comment on it.  Did you enjoy it as much as me?  This dominating mistress has a sexy body doesn’t she?


Wives Love It When A Husband Eats Cum

It’s a crazy and wild event when a husband eats cum.

Husband Eats CumTo be totally heterosexual and still get your tongue in there and eat her pussy full of cum.  It will blow her mind.  Watch the video yourself and see.  These husbands are not gay.  They just love pleasing their woman any way they can.

Click the picture above if you got hard watching the video.  I bet you went completely stiff when you first see the guy swallow.  The link is to watch the full versions of each scene.  The movies include Cum In My mouth and I’ll swap it back and CreamPie For The Straight Guy.

You are going to love it. Your wife will love to watch her husband eat cum.



Here are some fun ways to play out the fetish of eating your own cum with your wife or girlfriend.

1. Include Dirty Talk Before Cumming.  Have her talk dirty to you about how nasty and perverted you are for wanting to eat your own cum. You are going to lick up all your cum aren’t you, and then what are you going to do?  No you are not going to kiss me!! You are going to swallow it first.  I think you get what I mean here.

2. Eat cum off different parts of her body.  I’ve eaten my cum off just about every part of her body and each one was a new, fun and exciting way to do it.  Licking between her toes or right in her ass crack was especially exciting for me.

5 ways to eat your cum3. You could ask her to feed it to you out of her hand. I recently did this with my wife.  It was a Clothed Female, Nude Male experience.  I was standing in front of her jerking off.  She was dirty talking, telling me how I was going to eat all my cum right out of her hand.  Then I did just that.  She put her hand right up to my face and I sucked on the palm of her hand.  When I was done licking she rubbed her palm all over my lips and chin.  She gave me a facial.  Then she kissed me.

5-ways-to-eat-your-cum14. Drink your cum out of a shot glass or cup.  Have her blow you or jerk you off into a cup and when you finally blow your load of cum into the cup, she forces you to swallow it all down.

5. Number 5 is probably the most kinky and I’ve tried it only once and failed.  Lay on the floor, up against a wall and throw your legs over your head.  If you are agile enough, I’m not, your cock should be above your face.  Then she can jerk you off right onto your own face. Wow, talk about a money shot.  Also while jerking you off she will have easy access to play with your asshole.

Cum Eating Cucks

If you have anymore ideas please share them in the comments below.


Do You Get Horny When You Watch a Hot Couple Having A Snowball Kiss

I bet you do. Why else would you find yourself on a website called You love watching a woman swap his cum back with a kiss.  It gets you incredibly excited thinking about a snowball kiss.  You know you are not gay, or even bisexual.  Well maybe bisexual, but it’s not a must.  You can be completely straight and love the idea of tasting yourself.  I do and love it and I’ve been happily married for ten years to a loving understanding wife who knows sometimes I need excitement in the bedroom.  Quite frankly, you do too.  Don’t fight it, just enjoy it.

Snowball-KissYes you are a total pervert, you are fine with that.  I mean we do need to define ourselves in one way or another and yes if you want to taste and swap your own cum in a snowball kiss you are definitely a fucking pervert.

Here is a totally hot picture for you.  Do you like that?  Fuck ya you are so hard, me too.

Snowball Kiss

She has a turbo body and you can click the picture to watch the entire scene and more just like it.

Snowball Kiss

Would you believe they kiss right after she makes him taste all the cum?  Yes they finish off the scene with a snowball kiss.  Just the kind of kink to help you bust a nut and then taste your own cum.

Snowball Kiss

She sucks his cock then kisses you!!

You want to do it but you always change your mind right after you cum.  This time watch the movie, bust a nut and just fucking do it.  Eat your cum.  Even better, watch the scene with your wife or girlfriend and then she can get all your cum and swap it with you in a snowball kiss.

Turbo Body

Watch with your girlfriend. She will understand


How I Began To Eat Cum Out Of Her Belly Button

Sometimes when I’m super horny, I will urge my wife to sit and watch me jack off real quick.  She’s not always in the mood but she loves to watch me have a quick wank every now and again.  Since my favorite fetish is to eat my cum, we usually incorporate that into the theme of my jerk off session.

eat cum out of her belly button

Susan will lay on the bed right by the edge and I’ll stand beside her jerking my cock.  She lifts her shirt revealing her sexy belly that I love and adore.  Her belly button is so sexy, I love to kiss it and lick her naval.  Usually we begin dirty talk, where I tell her I’m going to cum on her belly button and then lick it off.  She usually responds saying “Oh yes, you are going to eat it all, and once you swallow it all, then you can KISS ME.”

This usually sends me over the edge and I cum all over her.  Sometimes it doesn’t though and I’m required to get even dirtier.  I’ll tell her I want her to suck another guys cock.  That I want him to jerk off onto her belly too.  When he’s all done, I’ll lick his cum too and swallow it as well.  Once I tell her this story, I can’t hold it anymore and I lose all control and cum. When I’m done, Susan’s belly is covered in cum.  Then I Eat Cum Out Of Her Belly Button.


Eat your own cumDo you eat your own cum? Well I do and it has become a major fetish of mine. It is not a secret that I’ve hid from my wife, I loved it so much I eventually had to tell her. She has joined me in my ” eat your own cum” experiences. I’m not saying that she eats her own, I’m saying she helps me eat mine, or should I say she forces me to eat mine.

Eat Your Own Cum Again and Again!!

We’ve done it in so many ways I’ve lost count. I’ve eaten it off her tits and her ass, her belly, out of her belly button which is one of my favorites. As well as eaten it off her thighs, her chin, her legs and of course her pussy.

Sometimes she enjoys jerking me off on my belly, which we both enjoy because when she’s done she gets the cum on her fingers and makes me lick them. It’s so hot and exciting. The reason I love to eat my own cum is because it’s completely perverted and shocking if anyone found out which makes my heart race and gets me extremely excited. Which is why I love to jerk off to cum eating videos and eat my own cum when I’m done watching them.

Scenes like this make me want to blow my load so bad.  The scene shows the amazing ending to the video. To see similar click on the picture.

Eat Your Own Cum


Do you ever kiss your husband after oral sex??

kiss your husband after oral sexI lot of woman believe that what is good for the goose is …. well you know the rest.  Woman understand that when their husband goes down on them for oral sex and after he comes in for a kiss that the worst thing you can do is turn your head and say ” Oh Gross”, I don’t want to taste myself.  Men love it when you kiss them deeply with tongue and then whisper in his ear.  ” I can taste myself when we kiss”.  Now that is sexy. So go ahead and kiss your husband after oral sex.

A lot of men are not as squeamish as you think. You might think he would think it was disgusting, if you kissed him after oral sex but many men secretly long for it.  Just go on and try it just once.  Make sure it is a super sloppy blowjob with lots of deep kissing and spit.  Then when it’s all over you can kiss your husband after oral sex.

What these videos and enjoy.  He might enjoy watching them too.


female to male cum kiss

Female to male cum kiss

If you love the female to male cum kiss you are going to love this website.

I’m going to provide you with a bunch of links to awesome videos.  The first one is going to be a bunch of mashed up videos of the money shot but more importantly the kiss after.  It’s the female to male cum swap to be exact.
Here is the first video, I hope you enjoy

I like the first screen the most but most likely not for the reason you would believe. I find the woman in the video to be very attractive. I think porn stars that don’t look like porno stars are the best. She is super hot, I just wish she was a little more naked. You do get a pussy shot. Another disappointment is there really is no cum kissing. She forces him to eat his own cum from the source.

The second video also has no female to male cum kiss, again the guy is forced to eat it from the source. But if you like this kink, I think you are going to love these short clips.

If you enjoyed the female to male cum kiss in these videos please comment and let me know if you like the info I’m providing.


Last night I ate creampie pussy for dessert. That’s right you heard it correct I had sex with my wife my load inside of her sweet pussy and went down on her and licked and sucked up all the come. I have done this many times in the past it was not unusual over this time when I got down there there was an enormous pile of come on her pussy. I didn’t stop for one second I just licked and sucked and ate all that cum off pussy as she gyrated on my face.

I started the night by massaging her and rubbing her and getting her right in the mood for sex. I even rubbed her feet. Then after some innocent dry hoping I went down on her and ate her out. I sucked on that clit, I tickled her holes and I fingered her butt. Then right before I thought she was about to orgasm I stopped what I was doing moved up to her and started kissing her. She didn’t care that I had her pussy juice all over my face she was so excited she kissed me back very deeply and very passionately.

My dick slid in her so easy because she was so incredibly wet. And when I started pumping her she moaned her gentle moan that she does when she loves being fucked. When I know she’s aroused like that and she makes her moaning sounds I get incredibly turned on and I can’t help but come uncontrollably. I have an ejaculating problem when she’s that aroused and I come to quick. But the same time I love that I come too quick because I have a common eating fetish and I love to eat cream pie for dessert. I looked to eat cream pie pussy.

I could tell my wife enjoyed my finale last night by the way she was gyrating and pumping my face as I finished tasting my come in her pussy all at once. I can’t wait until the next time when we do it all over again.


Maybe she is weird, I don’t know but it’s very strange, whenever my wife blows me she really seems to enjoy kissing me after I cum.  Have you ever heard of woman doing this?  I have not really said anything to her about it because after all, she is giving me blow jobs all the time and she loves it.  I really cannot complain.  What makes it even more kinky is the fact most times she does not swallow my cum first.  Most times when she cums up for a kiss her mouth is still full of my cum. It’s no peck on the cheek either, it’s a full on open mouth french kiss.  She kisses and kisses me until she realized I have eventually swallowed all the cum.
Are you a little shocked or grossed out? Yes me too.  I was too when I first realized she wants me to eat cum.
She wants me to eat cum

She wants me to eat cum
Here is a little secret I have yet to tell my wife.  After weeks and months of Judy doing this kinky fetish with me I have begun to really enjoy it.  So much so that I get excited at the thought of her making me eat my cum. When I’m home alone I’ve started to search for sites on the internet that show pictures or videos of cum swapping.  When I’m done on the computer, sometimes I leave the websites open so my wife will find what I’ve been watching.  So we haven’t discussed it yet but I know she knows I love it too.
Check out this link.  This is one of the first sites I found on men eating cum and it gave me hours of entertainment.

Female To Male Cum Swapping
It provides a bunch of free videos and pictures and there are a few really good links to some blogs as well.